A barrage of thoughts

There’s so much to say and I want to say it all at once. It’s happened to me like a thousand times until now. I am not very skilled at speaking. Conflicting thoughts kill the conviction in my voice. I’ve wanted to write, but again, I get lost in thoughts. But I do know that if I give thinking a break and give doing a chance, there might be some hope. None of this is making sense at the moment, and so this first post is also my first step in bringing sense back into my life.I do not know at this point if I want the world to read all this, or is this something I want to do for myself. I’d not worry about it now. Why think and waste time. For the first time, procrastination seems like a good idea.

So to get started, my topics can be extremely wide-ranging. It’s all one big experiment. Anything and everything that I think about can figure here. I will certainly write about the ups and downs in my life, personal life and work life. And what else? A lot… trains, astrology, jazz music, smartphones, probably even religion!

Music is a very important part of my life. Yet, it is also the subject which I have ignored the most in my life, despite how much I value it. As a child I wanted to grow up to be a singer. The dream faded away and comes back once in a while as an adult life fantasy. ‘The theory of everything’ is a song that I stumbled upon on YouTube, and can’t forget easily. Elegantly inspirational. Leslie Mills contributed lyrics to a Yanni composition, in an experiment titled ‘Voices’ of which this is one of the beautiful outcomes.


I am hoping for this inspiration to last long enough that I end up finding my dream, and if possible, help others in finding theirs. The content is on-line, so it’s very possible that a few others will join me along the way and everyone is welcome.


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